The Gist of it Who is this game for? Who is this game NOT for? It's OSR, but... What the GM says, goes A Note About the Shorthand

Characters and All That Jazz Races Roll Your Stats The Stats Classes Hit Die Armor Class Starting Money and Equipment Skills Languages Convictions Getting Experience Points Leveling Up Multiclassing

Turns Movement Saving Throws Saving Throw Effort Item Saving Throws Checks Critical Failures and Successes Debilities Money Armor and Shields Swimming in Armor Melee Weapons Ranged Weapons Poison Hirelings Pets Morale Healing

Initiative Attacking Attacking From Behind Cover & Concealment If I Shoot My Ranged Weapon Into a Scuffle Involving a Fellow Player Character and an Opponent, Do I Run the Risk of Hurting the Player Character? Combat Maneuvers Sundering One's Own Shield Damage Being Attacked Reaching 0 HP Black Gates and Last Breath We'll All Be Laughing With You When You Die

Magic Schools of Magic Cantrips Storing Spells Casting a Spell from Memory Casting a Spell from a Written Source Mishaps & Dooms When those Without the Gift Attempt to Cast Magic Witches' Magic Witches vs Wizards The Maiden, the Mother, the Crone Crafts Attentions and Losing One's Grip The Cleric Clerics vs Wizards Faith Dice Cleric Dice Chains and You Apostasy Identifying Magic Items Magic Robes

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Beeks' Cherry-Picked Role Playing Game

This ruleset does what it says on the tin: it is a mish-mush of rules and ideas I like from various other TTRPGS and DIY blogs. Most of the framework comes from GLOG and Basic Fantasy RPG, with hints of Knave, Dungeon World, and others thrown in for taste. Anything written in italics is my own personal commentary and will often tell where I got the idea from. Time will tell for certain if all these rules jive with each other.

This is an OSR-inspired game, with a slightly more modern feel. Blame it on me first getting into TTRPGs with D&D 3/3.5e.

JUST A HEADS UP: This has only been playtested a few times so far! You are more than welcome to try running it yourself, just keep in mind there may be some imbalanced stuff in here.

ALSO, this website is coded entirely by hand! I say that not to brag, but to let you know it's a little wonky on phones. My day job is in insurance, not websites.


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