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Beeks' Cherry-Picked Role Playing Game

The Big List of Races

There are several different types of beings in the world of BCPRPG, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

This chart will quickly give you an idea of all the races in the game, and underneath the chart are descriptions of each race and their various perks/drawbacks. Note that you may ignore as many of these races as you wish. If you want to play in a party or campaign with just Humans, so be it.

Race Advantage Disadvantage Reroll Stat
Birdfolk Mimicry Hollow bones CHA
Chelonian Tough natural armor Easily toppled CON
Dhampir Can turn into a bat for 5 minutes Must only consume blood, save vs divine INT
Dwarf Stone communication Save vs other Dwarves STR
Elf Stealthy in natural habitat Save vs ugliness, shun on fail CHA
Gnoll Darkvision A mangy look and blood-spattered snout CON
Gnome Animal communication Wood weapon preference WIS
Human Starts with one extra random item Forgetful Pick one
Goatman No movement penalties to rocky terrain Cannot wear armor on feet CON
Salamander Immune to fire Needs to stay hydrated and moisturized DEX
Woodwose Plant creatures will not attack Awkward in civilization DEX

Big List of Races: Finer Details

Birdfolk: A race of short-ish avian humanoids. Capable of flight as long as they're not encumbered. They come in a variety of different plumage.
Advantage: Birdfolk are adept at mimicry. They can mimic humanoid voices, animal roars, thunderclaps, etc after hearing it at least once.
Disadvantage:The bones of the Birdfolk are hollow, meaning they can easily be pushed back by heavy blows or intense winds.

Chelonian: Large anthropomorphic reptilian humanoids that look not unlike tortoises and turtles. A laid-back people who typically do not leave their tropical islands, though occasionally you will find the odd Chelonian with wanderlust.
Advantage: Chelonian shells are a tough natural armor, giving them +1 to their Defense.
Disadvantage: If you get knocked over in battle (the opponent shoves you and/or you fail a combat maneuver) you must spend your next turn righting yourself.

Dhampir: You're a vampire! Well, one of your parents was a vampire. You're part vampire. Filled with angst, brooding. Maybe even a little ennui? Hell, maybe you even sparkle. Either way, you're probably beautifully tragic enough to arouse a High Elf.
Advantage: Your vampiric gift and/or curse means you can turn into a bat for 5 minutes. While a bat, you can do batty things. Have fun.
Disadvantage: You don't drink... wine. Seriously though, blood is all you ingest. To make matters worse, you must roll a saving throw vs when you encounter the divine (holy spells, entering a church, etc).
NOTE: Dhampirs probably shouldn't be classes dealing with the divine (such as paladins, priests, or clerics) but I'm not your dad and you're old enough to make whatever (foolish) decisions you want to.

Dwarf: A short, stocky brand of folk who typically dwell underground. Dwarves have a strict caste system. Unless otherwise stated by the player, dwarves of BCPRPG are of the Comarca Antiga variety.
Advantage: Once a day, you may lay hands upon a rock and ask it a question. The rock will try its best to correctly answer you.
Disadvantage: When rolling a Dwarf, the player must decide if their character is upper class or lower class (there are only the two). When communicating with a Dwarf of the opposite caste system, take a saving throw. On a failure, the talk is terse, awkward, and generally doesn't go well.

Elf: The snooty, pointy-eared bastards we all love to hate. Their three loves are beauty, tragedy, and the beautifully tragic. Also quite fond of the tragically beautiful.
Elves are sure of foot. Take a +1 on Stealth rolls when you are in your Elves' natural habitat (player must state what their natural habitat is, such as deserts, cities, caves, etc when making the character).
Disadvantage: When you look upon grotesque things, you must take a saving throw. On a failure, you shun it.

Human: You are one! Right now! Yes, you! So you kind of know what's up with humans.
Advantage: Roll on the Big List of Equipment and see what extra gear you'll be taking with you.
Disadvantage: You are forgetful. The DM has the right to not remind you of something your character should know.

Gnoll: A race of anthropomorphic hunter-gatherer hyenas that live in the vast grasslands. Fiercely matriarchal, even the lowest female has priority above the highest male.
Advantage: Gnolls have excellent low-light vision and can see even in the darkest nights.
Disadvantage: Most races consider Gnolls to be savage and brutish, and their coarse fur (which gives them a constantly mangy look) does them no favors. Gnolls will take -1 on Charisma when dealing with 'civilized' folk.

Gnome: Gnomes are very diminuitive beings (ranging from 2-4 feet tall) and very kind. They dwell in quiet overlooked places, like the sides of hills, hollowed-out logs, and in leaf piles.
Advantage: Once a day, gnomes may share a meal with a non-hostile animal and ask it one question. Once the animal has shared a meal with the gnome, the animal will try to answer the question to the best of its knowledge.
Disadvantage: Gnomes care not for metallurgy. Metal weapons will suffer a -4 penalty to their damage roll.

Goatman: A race of humanoid goats hailing from the mountains. Known for being excellent sherpas. Goatmen youths come down off the mountain to experience the flatlander's world as a adulthood ceremony, a Rumspringa of sorts.
Advantage: Their sure footing means Goatmen do not suffer movement penalties among difficult terrain.
Disadvantage: Goatmen do not wear any sort of boot, sabaton, or any other foot armor. This means -1 to stealth on stone floors, among other things.

Salamander: It is said these slinky humanoid amphibians arise from the flames of the most intense forest fires. But surely that's just legend, right? When asked, Salamanders are very cagey when discussing their homelands.
Advantage: Salamanders are immune to fire. Simple as that. Not lava though.
Disadvantage: That being said, Salamanders must keep their shiny amphibious skin moist on a regular basis. Failure to do so can lead to cracked, irritable skin, infections, and even death.

Woodwose: The Woodwose (or Wild Men as the civilized folk call them) are a leaner, scrawnier, tougher cousin of the Human. Their bodies are often covered with short hair or fur and their skin often comes in shades of brown and green to blend in to the forest. They live their lives in the seclusion of the forest.
Advantage: Plant creatures will not willingly attack Woodwose. They may be forced to by magical means however.
Disadvantage: While these beings are the masters of the forest, they are awkward and conspicuous in civilization. Take a -1 on Stealth in towns and cities and a -1 CHA when communicating with the citizens there.

Feel Free to Make Your Own Races!

Do you wish you could play as a Sentient Ooze or Bugfolk or A Guy Made Out of Bread or whatever? You can!
All you need to do is think up one Advantage this race would have, one Disadvantage, and one Stat they'd be quite adept at (and therefore allowed to reroll).
I'm going to suggest you try to make your race not terribly broken or imbalanced, but honestly what in our lives isn't terribly broken or imbalanced?