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Beeks' Cherry-Picked Role Playing Game

The Big List of Equipment

A basic (possibly incomplete) list of equipment you might encounter in the world. Note that you may use this list if you want, but feel free to restat it or throw it out altogether and use whatever type of equipment fits your setting.

Don't forget, characters start the game with a blanket, a waterskin filled with water, 3x rations, flint and tinder, one random item on the list, plus anything their specific class may need.


Weapon Price Type Item Slot(s)
Axe, Hatchet 4 gp Light 1
Axe, Battle 6 gp Medium 1
Axe, Great 35 gp Heavy 2
Bow, Short 15 gp -- 1
Bow, Long 30 gp -- 2
Crossbow 50 gp -- 2
Cudgel 3 gp Light 1
Dagger 5 gp Light 1
Halberd 25 gp Heavy 2
Mace 14 gp Medium 1
Maul 6 gp Light 1
Quarterstaff 3 gp Medium 1